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Aircloak handles all data types including unstructured text

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Data Anonymization, simplified.fast.secure.
Our anonymizing SQL interface sits in front of your data and enables you to conduct ad hoc analytics – fully privacy preserving and GDPR-compliant.
Unlock sensitive data.

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Aircloak’s data anonymization allows you to work with all your data at hand

Lead with customer trust.
Protect your customers’ privacy by using a scientifically proven data anonymization solution.
Save money & time.
Say goodbye to manual data anonymization and focus time and resources on high-value tasks.

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First True Anonymization Solution to Provide High-Quality Analytics

Aircloak’s unique approach ensures the existing primary database is not modified in any way.
Aircloak handles all data types including unstructured text.

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Aircloak offers analysts a rich explorative SQL database interface

Analysts submit SQL queries and interact with the existing database to extract the requested data.
Both the queries and responses are dynamically modified by Aircloak to ensure anonymity while still providing high accuracy.
Read more about Aircloak Insights’ features Read our Whitepaper: Data Anonymization in Digital Business Models Read more about how anonymization with Aircloak Insights works Data anonymization can contribute a lot of value to a robust data protection concept. After reading this whitepaper, you will be able to categorize different anonymization technologies and identify the most suitable method for your project.
Newsletter: Anonymization, Data Security and Privacy Subscribe to our low volume, no bullshit, mailing list to stay up to date with the latest information about Aircloak and the exciting world of data security and privacy.
Privacy enhancing technologies and data anonymization can sometimes be confusing.
With our blog posts we want to educate and enable you to find the best solution for your challenges.
Aircloak Insights offers a unique approach that provides instant anonymized analytics in a compliant and approved manner.
It is applicable for use cases across all verticals that involve data monetization, data sharing, partnering, customer intelligence or open data initiatives and platforms.

Aircloak Insights offers banks instant analytics that comply with complex regulations

Our approach to anonymization is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), irrespective of the type of data.
This provides a dramatic reduction in turnaround time for new projects and increased ability to share data internally.

Aircloak helps the banking sector to

Reduce time and cost to achieve compliance.
Open up rich and highly sensitive transactional datasets across business units and organisational borders.
Better understand the ever-evolving needs of the modern-day customer.
Remain competitive with the largely unregulated FinTech startups by developing new products tailored to their existing customers’ needs.
Modern healthcare companies are heavily reliant on data.
Sensitive and personal information is continuously collected through personal assistant apps.

Aircloak helps the healthcare industry to

Develop new data-based business models and services without compromising the privacy of users.
Build trust with their customers by going the extra mile to ensure data is treated and handled safely.
Dramatically increase control and reduce cost when sharing data with third parties.
Telco providers gather user data on every interaction their customers perform.
Everything from making a call or browsing the web to streaming an on-demand show or uploading an image to social media leaves a digital trace for the service provider.

Aircloak helps telecommunications to

Safely share customer data between siloed business units and across geographic borders.
Reduce time and cost to market when developing new services.
Understand customer patterns and make better use of recorded geospatial data.
More bundled Information.
Privacy-preserving Analytics.
Share Insights, not Data.
Download our Onepager PDF.
Read more on our blog Follow us on Twitter @aircloak.

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