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Business Benefits of Report Factory Model

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Report Factory and Support.
Report Factory and Support.
Report Factory and Support.
Track your reports under report factory model comprising of expert analysts.
We understand the requirements of global companies and need for localization of reports based on geographies and language.
Our teams help create report templates and roll the same out to various business users across geographies with the global reports localized to their specific needs our teams.

1 Core Functions 1.1 Analog I/O
Tuesday September 08, 2020

API. From chipKIT Jump to: navigation search The API (Application Programming Interface) provides all the commonly used functions for the chipKIT environment. It is largely based on the Arduino 1.6.x specification Contents. 1 Core Functions 1.1 Analog I/O. 1.2 Digital IO. 1.3 Time. 1.4 Math. 1.5 Sound. 1.6 Interrupts. 1.7 Task Management. 1.8 System Management. […]

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Challenges Faced By Organizations

Constant need of reports for decision making and analysis of trends.
High Value resources.
Lack of visibility and a single holistic view of the enterprise performance.
Data redundancy, duplication of data leading to data management and quality issues leading to error prone reports.
Reports being unavailable with the right stakeholders at the right time.

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Wednesday September 09, 2020

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Changing a Global report to fit Local Needs

How Report Factory Works.
Reporting Development.
Data Load and Processing.
Business Benefits of Report Factory Model.
Report scheduling.
Get static/dynamic reports automatically based on hierarchy levels.
Get new reports created or get changes done to the existing ones.
Ongoing support for reporting & analytics needs.
Constant, .

How to make a DSLR Camera remote using Arduino
Tuesday September 08, 2020

ESP8266/ ESP32. July 31, 2019 Sumona 1 ESP8266/ ESP32. July 5, 2018 0. May 12, 2018 0. April 28, 2018 9. April 22, 2018 2 How to add color to your bash script. August 2, 2017 0 How to generate random password in Linux. July 27, 2017 0 Universal file extraction tool in Linux. July […]

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Consistent & single version of truth

A dedicated team to provide 4 types of services as part of the Report Factory Model

Common look & feel, technology, tools & process used for all reports.

Loading of master and transaction data with proper data mapping

Efficiency through standardization and a dedicated ‘Shared Services’

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