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Graphic Design Ranging from printed and digital collateral
Saturday September 12, 2020

Use our agency services to help you meet y our marketing goals. Strategy and Consulting. We have account teams to guide you on your marketing efforts, so you don’t have to ever be left in the dark . StoneShot will analyze your performance data and deliver insights on industry benchmarks to help you stand out […]

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The Best Language Learning Program for Kids Dino Lingo Cares

Dino Lingo has been partnering with different institutions for years

The goal of this program is to promote the education and well-being of children all over the world.
Simple tools such as DVDs or online videos can make a world of difference in a child’s education .
When these materials are made available to programs run by advocacy groups and caring individuals they can be utilized as a powerful force for change, and create opportunities for a brighter future.
Dino Lingo tries to make the world a better place for kids Dino Lingo works with charitable organization s all over the world to help educate children and improve their lives by providing educational tools and language learning programs through our Dino Lingo Cares initiative.

Event Website: Collaborative_Mapping_Workshop (Hartford
Tuesday September 08, 2020

Upcoming Events. Collaborative Mapping Workshop For Hydrogen Station Planning for the Hartford Region October 7, 2019. Join us for a one-day, interactive workshop to develop and vet alternative design scenarios for a network of hydrogen stations across the Hartford region. Participants will work together with a user-friendly mapping tool via a series of break-out sessions. We […]

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The Dino Lingo Cares program supports various institutions which provide fundraising

advocacy, and education services within the United States and around the globe.
We are working towards a day when every child has access to the linguistic training and educational materials necessary to become well-rounded global citizens.
It is our goal to support youth from every walk of life, but especially the impoverished and disenfranchised children who need our help the most.
Through this program, Dino Lingo shows how much we care by doing what we do best — providing kids with the opportunity to grow and succeed through language learning.
What Do We Do.
The Dino Lingo Cares program supplies children all over the world with both linguistic training programs and desperately needed education al materials.
We dedicate our time and resources to increasing the engagement and efficacy of non-profit organizations concerned with the education and well-being of children.
Why Dino Lingo.
Dino Lingo is experienced .
Our company has a long history of providing children’s educational materials and language learning programs to international humanitarian organizations.
We are proud to expand this facet of our organization in order to take on more responsibility within the global community.
Dino Lingo is committed.

0Embed a live RTSP stream in a webpage
Saturday September 12, 2020

Posts Tagged: hls. 0Embed a live RTSP stream in a webpage. Posted 6th May 2020 by filed under SmartHome & IoT I have recently been work­ing on my smarthome setup and one of the things I’ve been mean­ing to get set up is a tab­let with a touch-screen web inter­face to man­age my smart home. […]

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The Dino Lingo Cares Program is open to working with educational centers

children’s advocacy groups, civic leaders, educators, corporations, private academic institutions, libraries, and individuals just like you—anyone willing to help us advocate for the educational and cultural growth of any child.
Our Goal Our dream is of a world where any child that wants to learn a different language has access to the tools which will aid in their growth.
By helping the global youth, we hope to usher in an age where educated global citizens can actively communicate with people all over the world.
Education Literacy and Vocabulary are subjects typically covered early in school curriculum and youth programs.
Providing advocacy groups with the opportunity to distribute materials to children who cannot afford them may increase school attendance and offset cost for different school supplies.
Education is crucial in the globalization of the world.
By introducing children to language learning programs early in their education, we hope to encourage the growth of a strong linguistic foundation which will be built upon throughout the child’s education.

Confidence While the effects are less tangible

Dino Lingo Cares believes that the more opportunity children have to engage in various language learning exercises, the more likely they are to be instilled with the confidence in education and linguistics that is required to excel as a student.
Confident kids are more likely to stay in school and contribute to their communities.
Does your school, library, institution need language learning material.
Are you part of a children’s charitable organization and interested in partnering with Dino Lingo.
Please email us at [email protected] Message from Develop Africa We are delighted to be in partnership with Dino Lingo – providing educational, teaching materials to support the learning of languages.
The understanding of languages helps understanding of other cultures / people groups and communication with people from a different culture / ethnic background.
We recently had the opportunity to share a diverse set of DinoLingo materials with the FAWE school.
The package included DVDs, Flash Cards, Posters from the following languages – Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and English.
These audio-visual materials with help reinforce learning through multiple channels / gates of assimilation – providing learning opportunities for children at different levels.

Thank you DinoLingo for helping to increase language understanding in Africa

Contact Us Copyright © 2010 – 2019 Dino Lingo.

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