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Global Media Journal 8 (1) (2018)

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Ömer Alkin.
Filmmaker & Media and Cultural Studies Scholar  http://www.oemeralkin.de/ Ömer Alkin is a media and cultural studies scholar and filmmaker.
His research focus is migration, media, film, audiovisual culture and digital education.
His book German-Turkish Film Culture in the Context of Migration is the first anthology written in German on this theme for more than twenty years.
His writings can be found in numerous books and newspapers.
His topical research focusses on occidentalism, digital education & racism and postmigration.
He lives in Cologne.

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Selected Academic publications: (2019): Die visuelle Kultur der Migration

Ästhetik, .

How Non-Software Vendors Fail and How Inner Source Can Help
Saturday September 12, 2020

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Geschichte und Polyzentrisierung des Migrationskinos

Reihe: Postmigrantische Studien

Bielefeld: transcript Verlag (forthcoming)

(Ed.) (2017): Deutsch-Türkische Filmkultur im Migrationskontext

Wiesbaden: VS Springer Verlag.

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Prolegomena für eine kritische Okzidentalismusforschung

In: inamo.

Analysen zu Politik und Gesellschaft des Nahen und Mittleren Ostens

Heft 98, Sommer (2019).
with Mehmet Bayrak.
Kritik von Fortschrittsnarrativen im deutsch-türkischen Migrationskontext – Migrationskino und Diasporamoscheen im Integrationsdispositiv.
Global Media Journal 8 (1) (2018).

The Filmic Realization of a Third Space in Vatanyolu (1987)

In: Media Fields Journal 12 (2017)

Re-Writing Turkish-German Cinema from the Bottom-Up: Turkish Emigration Cinema

In: Ibrahim Sirkeci, Betül Dilara Şeker und Ali Çağlar (Ed.) (2015): Turkish Migration, Identity and Integration.
London: Transnational Press, 115-131.
All Sessions by Ömer Alkin.

11:30 Clash of Neo-Ottoman Realities in Turkish TV shows

11:30  – 12:30 Media productions and the way of reworking history reflect both in form and content the current political and cultural character/ideology of the government.
The trend of conservatism all around the world can be observed in each area of life.
Also Turkey is confronted with a strengthening of conservative (Muslim) political forces that form the government now.
The rise of Neo-Ottoman TV-shows presenting the Ottoman past in a phantasmatic and idealizing way corresponds with these political developments in Turkey and at the same time supports und reproduces the ideological agenda of the government.
The presentation will show the historical, narrative and aesthetic complexity of the genre.
It will reflect upon the ideological effects of the narrative-immersive qualities of the shows and at the same time it will discuss the various social receptions.
Nov | Film and Games Summit: Crossing Boundaries in Narrative room 104 (ifs).
14:45 Panel.

14:45  – 15:45 Panel Discussion

Moderation: Joachim Friedmann 20.
Nov | Film and Games Summit: Crossing Boundaries in Narrative room 104 (ifs).
Ömer Alkin.

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