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Godlan migrated to Dynamic Quest

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Case Study: Managed Partner Hosting

The Situation.
Godlan, Inc.
is an ERP reseller, serving clients in the manufacturing sector. The company was dissatisfied with its hosting vendor, a well-known commodity provider.
They wanted a better solution that provided their clients with a more stable and cost effective hosted- environment .
Here’s what they discovered.
It’s not about the servers.
It’s about the service .

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Hear from Godlan in this short video

which tells the story of how they found the perfect partnership.
Godlan didn’t like being captive to inattentive service provider sGodlan had discovered that no matter how well they customized and serviced their ERP software, they were still at the mercy of their hosting provider when problems arose.
They considered 3 alternatives .
Host with the ERP provider.
Build their own data center .
Partner with a company that put service first.
The Solution.

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Godlan checked out many third-party providers

Eventually, they met us.
They liked what they saw, but they needed proof.

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Tuesday September 08, 2020

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Godlan was not about to sign on without a thorough test

For a period of several months, .

Dynamic Quest hosted and serviced a staging version of the ERP application

The idea was to demonstrate reliability and responsiveness—a proof of concept.
During testing, we developed a quick-turnaround pricing matrix.
Godlan and Dynamic Quest devised an automated pricing matrix that enabled Godlan to deliver proposals to prospects in 24 hours or less.

The test was conclusive: Dynamic Quest came through

Godlan migrated to Dynamic Quest .
They welcomed their new ability to deliver superior service to their clients.
And of course, the company was then able to showcase this performance to prospects, which boosted their new business efforts.“We did a proof of concept that met every requirement that our customer might have.
In fact, we saw a substantial improvement.”—Steve Fout, VP Sales To see the full video of the testimonial, click here.
The Results.
Decreased response time.
No upfront costs.
Improved customer service.
Quick-quote pricing.
New revenue stream.
Learn how partnering with Dynamic Quest removes hosting headaches and brings in new revenue.
Contact Us.

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