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Head of Theme: Professor Glenn Marshall AM

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Research overview > Gene Regulation in Cancer Gene Regulation in Cancer

Head of Theme: Professor Glenn Marshall AM.
It’s well known that altered gene regulation plays a major role in cancer.
However, we know very little about the specific alterations that lead to the development of cancer in children.
Our aim is to understand the molecular mechanisms behind the initiation and progression of childhood cancer, and with this information to develop more effective treatments and prevention strategies.

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Friday September 11, 2020

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Embryonal Cancer Therapy and Prevention

Gene Dysregulation For the best chance of survival, it is vital that cancer in a child is detected as early as possible.
Professor Glenn Marshall AM.
Our various approaches include studying factors in the pre- and perinatal environment that influence cancer initiation; using single cell profiling to decipher mechanisms of neuroblastoma tumorigenesis; elucidating and targeting histone modifications that alter gene transcription in childhood cancer; and developing small molecule inhibitors against novel onco-factors.
Embryonal Cancer Therapy and Prevention.
Group Leader, Professor Glenn Marshall AM.
Improving our understanding of the molecules and processes that initiate childhood cancer.
Gene Dysregulation.
Group Leader, Associate Professor Tao Liu.
Understanding gene transcription in cancer formation and developing molecularly targeted cancer therapies.
Featured News.
See all news Blocking copper uptake in tumour cells may be clue to boosting immune system – fighting the deadliest of cancers.
August 7, 2020 Australian researchers have discovered how an affordable and currently available drug – which removes copper from the blood can destroy some of the deadliest cancers that are resistant to immunotherapy.
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Wednesday September 09, 2020

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The first scientists to open the lab door in 1984 were Professor Michelle Haber AM (left

now Executive Director), Professor Murray Norris (centre, now Deputy Director) and Professor Maria Kavallaris (right, now Program Head, Tumour Biology and Targeting).

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