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Starting as an Engineer on Arbor Insight

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Want to learn more about Arbor.
Want to learn more.
From cradle to career Everyone Management Partnership Engineering Customer Product Marketing Finance People Former Teachers James Weatherill.
Chief Executive Officer × James Weatherill.
Chief Executive Officer.
James is one of the co-founders of Arbor and has experience in managing and launching innovative products and services for large and small companies that are loved by millions of users.
He is incredibly passionate about building tools that help to save teachers time, mainly as he’s so frustrated at the current status quo of admin, hassle and data that gets in the way of delivering great education.
You’ll find him in schools (he’s a MAT governor), talking to partner companies or in one of our offices trying his best to make a lasting, positive and scalable impact.
Philippa De’Ath.
Chief Revenue Officer × Philippa De’Ath.
Chief Revenue Officer.
Phillippa graduated with a degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge before working as a Management Consultant at IBM, helping FTSE100 firms use data more effectively to streamline their operations.
More recently she co-founded a federation of free schools in Hackney with an innovative curriculum focused on music.
Before the glamour of education or data, Phillippa worked as a sound engineer at UK festivals, so you should speak into her good ear.
Maggie Wright.
Financial Director × Maggie Wright.
Financial Director.
Originally hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Maggie brings global experience across multiple industries to Arbor as the Finance Director.
She is CPA-qualified and holds both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Accounting + Finance, so she’s obviously keen on numbers.
She’s happiest with a balanced spreadsheet in front of her, a glass of mellow red wine on hand and in the English sunshine.
Ian Barnes.
× Ian Barnes.
A man with several strings to his bow, after qualifying for his PGCE, Ian spent almost a year teaching Geography before a short stint in recruitment and subsequently managing a successful music business called Longsands Music as well as playing as a career musician on the guitar.
CDs are available on request.
Daniel Giardiello.
× Daniel Giardiello.
After getting his BSc in Geography & Archaeology and his PGCE in Secondary Geography from Leicester University, Daniel began 13 years of experience as a teacher and Senior Leader in Leicestershire.
He was also the Head of Humanities and Performing Arts at Millgate School, an SEN school where he supported students with additional Social, Emotional & Mental Health (SEMH) needs for 7 years.
Daniel has participated in his fair share of charity bike rides, including John O’Groats to Lands End (both ways, not that he’s bragging), Paris to Rome, and Amsterdam to Barcelona.
His other claims to fame are the two wedding and function bands he’s in and the time he accidentally met the Pope.
Rachael Forster.
Head of Sales Development × Rachael Forster.
Head of Sales Development.
Rachael graduated from Leeds College of Art with an interdisciplinary degree in Art and Design.
As a big fan of design and creative theory, she then worked in schools as a Creative Practitioner, where she coordinated art workshops with Primary and Secondary Schools.
From there she began working in educational and creative workshops for youths at Leeds College of Art.
Afterwards, she began working in Education and Training Sales at Learning Curve Group, finding apprenticeships to help people advance and improve their careers.
She currently volunteers within Learning Support at The Hepworth Gallery Wakefield, a large gallery in Northern England, where she engages young people with art and culture through fun.
Rachael seamlessly weaves this blend fun and creativity into her approach at Arbor as one of our Partnership Specialists.
As a teenager, Rachael sang in the Lancashire Students Youth Jazz Orchestra and once designed and built a full scale 3D maze out of cardboard, called Pop-Up Maze, in an empty church in Leeds.
Harriet Cheng.
Head of Marketing × Harriet Cheng.
Head of Marketing.
Harriet has worked in schools around the world helping them to communicate more effectively with parents, students and alumni.
She is passionate about improving communications so that Arbor schools have all the most useful information to hand from us.
Stephen Higgins.
Product Lead × Stephen Higgins.
Product Lead.
Stephen graduated with a BSc in Geography from Sheffield Hallam University before earning his Geography PGCE from The University of Cumbria.
He then spent 6 years teaching Humanities, particularly Geography, at Royds Hall Community School before becoming a Technical Innovations Leader for The Aspire Co-operative Learning Trust.
Stephen has also held various roles centred around deploying technology in classrooms, leading CPD events and developing bespoke software to track student progress and manage behaviour.
You may recognise Stephen’s face from an episode of the Channel 5 series, ‘Winter Road Rescue’ after he had a blow-out on the motorway, or from the various GIFs his former students made out of his misfortune.
Ulrik Street-Poulsen.
Senior Product Engineer × Ulrik Street-Poulsen.
Senior Product Engineer.
Rockstar, father, developer.
Ulrik has over 10 years in the entertainment industry where he was the lead singer of one of the UK’s most popular function bands, and after building websites for many years moved on to study for a BSc in Computer Science at the Open University.
Now Ulrik prefers the rhythm of keyboard strokes, but can always be roused for a song (with strong encouragement).
Igor Vuckovic.
Principal Architect × Igor Vuckovic.
Principal Architect.
Recently married, Igor must be a brilliant husband as he makes the best coffee in the office, surely an indicator for domestic bliss.
His attention to detail in analysing quantities of milk and sugar echoes his attention to some of Arbor’s biggest projects.
Darko Vesic.
× Darko Vesic.
One of the quietest team members, ‘Dark Horse Darko’ has single-handedly made sure that we know who we’re speaking to as the master of the Arbor CRM.
He is also a father, so look out for the next generation of mini PHP engineers soon.
Ivan Stefanovic.
Senior DevOps Engineer × Ivan Stefanovic.
Senior DevOps Engineer.
A family man, Ivan prefers the quiet life of the countryside to the busy buzz at Nova Iskra.
We’re sure he has stories to tell about life in the city, but we’re happy for him to stay close to the earth as he’s the man nurturing Arbor’s roots.
Sonja Rakas.
× Sonja Rakas.
Sonja’s skills lie in analysing and visualising big data sets and she’s using those skills to great effect making Arbor’s reports even better.
Julie Rush.
× Julie Rush.
Julie has a Postgraduate Certificate in Management Studies and a background in both Accounts and IT, with most of her experience stemming from the legal sector.
Julie’s favourite activities include globetrotting with her family and her claim to fame was being a contestant on Young Musician of the Year.
Emma Sharples.
Head of Professional Service × Emma Sharples.
Head of Professional Service.
Emma has a mixed sector background, including tech, travel and creative.
She spent 5 years as a freelance illustrator, building her own business and brand and has experience developing and implementing company wide CRM systems that improve communication and workflows.
Combined with her project work as the main point of contact for clients for all of their project support needs, Emma has all of the ingredients to make the perfect Engagement Manager.
Her hobbies include scouting out the best food and coffee, and enjoying at the top of a tall building to give it an extra edge.
Saša Stojković.
× Saša Stojković.

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Sasa joins Arbor from a military background

He has an MSc Information Systems from the BS Military Academy in Belgrade, and went on to spend three years developing hardware and software solutions for satellite and radio communications, information systems, and human resource management as a Platoon Leader.

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When he’s not drumming out code for Arbor

Sasa is also a drummer in a band and a prolific runner (he’s completed six half marathons to date!).
Milos Djuric.
× Milos Djuric.
Milos studied Software Engineering at university before beginning his career as a test engineer.
He went on to switch to software development, and has since worked on a variety of desktop and web applications.
As well as being our new Senior PHP Engineer, we have also found in Milos a developer with a passion for Kung Fu and other mixed martial arts to rival Nemanja.
Dusan Pavlovic.
× Dusan Pavlovic.
Dušan started learning programming at the age of 15.
He went on to study Information Technology and got his first job during his studies.

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Before joining Arbor he worked on various web and distribution systems

He’s passionate about software architecture & design, but besides IT, you’ll mostly hear him talking about cars.
Nikola Jevtović.
Head of Engineering × Nikola Jevtović.
Head of Engineering.
Nikola was born in Užice, Serbia.
He studied at the University of Belgrade and went on to work at a bank and a startup before joining our team at Arbor.
Starting as an Engineer on Arbor Insight, Nikola became Tech Lead before taking on the role of Technical Project Manager.
He is also currently our Product Engineering Lead, a role which involves him working across both the Product and Engineering teams.
Outside of work, his hobbies include: gardening and designing furniture.
He also drives far too fast, but will never admit that.
Vladimir Cvetic.
Lead Platform Architect × Vladimir Cvetic.
Lead Platform Architect.
Nataliia Semenenko.
Senior Product Manager × Nataliia Semenenko.
Senior Product Manager.
Nataliia studied Computer Science and Software Engineering in Ukraine and Estonia.
Whilst at university, she organized an international scientific conference, published several articles in scientific journals, and contemplated a career in academia.
From there, Nataliia went on to be a Research Engineer, and then a Business Analyst, .

Before finally finding her true passion as a Product Owner at Arbor

She cares a lot about UX and aims to create products that users love.
In her spare time she cooks and travels, exploring new places and cultures through ingredients.
Saša Tunjić.
× Saša Tunjić.
While he was still at School of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Belgrade, Saša started working as Product Manager in the automotive industry.
Years later he changed path to programming, his childhood dream.
Before joining Arbor he worked as a Backend Developer in an online advertising company.
In his spare time Saša enjoys playing the drums, and occasionally the guitar too.
Fiona Rose.
Project Manager × Fiona Rose.
Project Manager.
Fiona graduated with a first class honours degree in Maths, Stats and Computing.
From there, she worked for several years as a programmer for a retailer.
More recently, Fiona has spent 13 years in education, working both as a statistics officer and a Maths teacher.
She is a big fan of 50s music – one of the highlights of her life was getting married in Las Vegas while being serenaded by Elvis (not the real one, don’t be silly).
Katie Watkins.
Programme Manager × Katie Watkins.
Programme Manager.
Katie graduated with a degree in Psychology before embarking upon life in the IT world.
Having worked in the deployment of various products within primary and secondary healthcare, .

Katie is now a member of the customer team here at Arbor

Having lived in Canada, New Zealand and France, she has had lots of time to perfect her snowboarding skills whilst making sure to sample a selection of the local wines.
Alicia Medlicott.
Head of People × Alicia Medlicott.
Head of People.
Alicia was born and grew up in Borneo and after studying Art History at Nottingham University, she then went on to teach EFL for five years in Oxford.
Following this, she took the plunge and had a career change and travelled down the road of Human Resources and is now our designated people person.
Haylee Proctor.
× Haylee Proctor.
Haylee graduated from Curtin University in Australia in 2012 and moved to London shortly after.
Before joining Arbor, Haylee worked as a primary teacher in schools across London and is passionate about technology improving educational outcomes.
As our in-house Aussie, Haylee’s biggest party trick is her face lighting up as she takes a bite into a vegemite sandwich (without faking it).
Aleksandra Cerovic.
× Aleksandra Cerovic.
Aleksandra is studying Software Engineering at the University of Belgrade and has done previous work as a Java software developer on application software for an integrated information system.
Before that, she was a freelance developer for web crawlers in Perl.
Aleksandra has a love of science which is only matched by her love of literature and snowboarding.
While she is completely one of a kind, she also has an identical twin sister.
Tim Ward.
× Tim Ward.
Armed with a degree in Electronic Engineering and a PGCE, Tim’s roles have always blended technology with teaching.
A former headteacher and School Improvement Partner, he has also worked across several local authorities in data and assessment roles as well as working for Computing at Schools to promote the study of computing in UK schools.
His love of technology stems from using it to improve outcomes for children and facilitate effective leadership.
Outside of work Tim’s passion is motorcycling.
His favourite race circuit is Cadwell Park in Lincolnshire.
Beth Mokrini.
Channel Development Manager × Beth Mokrini.
Channel Development Manager.
Coming from a family of teachers, Beth couldn’t help but catch the education bug.
After teaching English on her year abroad in France, she completed an MA in Applied Linguistics at York University, planning to start a career in TEFL, and stumbled across Arbor instead.
She loves talking to schools, making pretty google docs and singing.
Maggie Fidler.
× Maggie Fidler.
Maggie began a Masters in Engineering at Oxford University before taking some time out to volunteer as a teaching assistant with deaf pupils.
She absolutely adored being in a classroom and transferred to a Science degree with QTS so she could become a teacher as quickly as possible.
She achieved a First Class degree before spending 15 years teaching secondary Physics and Science teacher, and most recently some mathematics too.
The last five schools she taught at were part of a large MAT, where she sat on the Procurement Committee.
Maggie still contributes to developments in their data, tracking and school improvement.
Maggie joined Arbor to seek new challenges and have as large of an impact on as many pupils and staff as she can get her hands on.
In her spare time, Maggie loves baking, doing anything crafty with her children and is also a Beavers group leader with Scouts.
Joanna Paterson.
MAT Programme Lead × Joanna Paterson.
MAT Programme Lead.
Joanna studied at Huddersfield College before bypassing university to travel through Australia.
She spent 5 years working at CSC in Leeds where she worked within the NHS Project, deploying healthcare systems around the UK.
Soon after, Joanna jumped at the chance to spend some time travelling around Europe and ended up volunteering on a farm in Norway for a month.
Joanna now dedicates her time to our clients as a Customer Success Manager, ensuring our schools are getting the most out of Arbor.
Joanna is a qualified scuba diver, so if you can’t find her on land, be sure to check the bottom of the ocean.
Aimee Montoya.
Support Team Lead × Aimee Montoya.
Support Team Lead.
Aimee has a passion for humans and pursued this by studying for a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Neuroscience.
During her studies she worked as an escalation advisor for a telecommunications company as well as working as an assistant psychologist in a memory clinic.
Here she discovered a love of investigating complex issues and helping people.
She had her own struggles within school and saw those of others when volunteering for a small school, and is passionate about human potential.
She believes that if a school has the right tools they will be able to support their students to achieve great things.
This led to Aimee joining Arbor so that she can investigate the queries schools have and find solutions for them so that they can support their students.
Although she absolutely loves working, when she isn’t engrossed by a new question she can be found spending time with her cats Tibby and Faith, or singing along to indie songs and trying to learn the banjo.
James Bennett.
× James Bennett.
James graduated from the Open University in 2017 with a degree in Classical Studies.
Before joining Arbor’s Customer Team, he worked at a broad range of companies including Morrisons, Barclays Bank PLC and Frog Education, and has turned his hand to everything from customer care to cheque fraud.
Outside of work, his interests include Ancient Greece & Rome and putting tomato ketchup on everything he eats.
Lawrence Shipman.
Senior Product Engineer × Lawrence Shipman.
Senior Product Engineer.
Lawrence taught himself computing back in 1997 and has over 18 years IT experience with 15 years in software development.
In 2000 he started his IT career contracted within the Ford Motor Company and progressed through various IT roles until settling on software development.
In 2003 he joined Essex Police wanting to develop software that made a difference to communities.
He achieved his goal by developing a series of self-briefing police officer portals, intelligence searches, crime statistical dashboards and intranets that assisted in making Essex safer.
After almost 11 years with Essex Police and having 3 children at School, he decided to move into Education looking to help with School improvement.
He developed and delivered a product for School Effectiveness which was a key part in winning the Education Investor award for School improvement service in 2016.
In 2017 he joined Arbor Education to continue their great work in transforming the way schools & MATs work.
Jem Jones.
Product & Bid Writer × Jem Jones.
Product & Bid Writer.
Jem studied Classical Archaeology and Ancient History at university having no qualifications in History, which went a lot better than expected, then lived in Paris for a year having no qualifications in French, which went about as well as could be expected.
Jem is potentially the only person to have been informed by a careers advisor, at age 16, that they should be a technical writer.
Emily Copsey.
Head of Support × Emily Copsey.
Head of Support.
Emily graduated with an LLB in Law from the University of York before embarking on an internship in Delhi with an NGO advocating for women’s and children’s rights.
She then gained a Masters in Human Rights Law before taking a slight career detour and joining a management graduate scheme with one of the UK’s largest outsourcers.
Emily obtained an MSc in Business Management as well as a wealth of experience in managing a volume customer service operation.
Whilst now at home in Leeds, Emily originally hails from sunny Blackpool and in her spare time can be found seeking out good food and a prosecco or two.
Cosima Baring.
Marketing Manager × Cosima Baring.
Marketing Manager.
Cozzi studied French and Spanish at the University of Bristol.
As part of her course at Bristol, she spent time living in Madrid and Paris where she honed her language skills ordering tapas and croissants.
She joined Arbor in March 2018 as part of the Marketing team and is passionate about helping schools see data differently.
In her spare time, she can be found testing out exciting new ways to eat halloumi.
Craig Dickinson.
2nd Line Customer Success Analyst × Craig Dickinson.
2nd Line Customer Success Analyst.
Craig gained a degree in Sports Journalism at the University of Central Lancashire before spending seven years working in customer-facing roles for a leading UK retailer.
He brings extensive customer service experience and a passion for operational excellence to our Customer Analyst team.
Away from the workplace Craig can usually be found on the badminton court, and was part of a team that won Leeds League Division Four in 2016.
Gwyn Mabo.
Technical Content Writer × Gwyn Mabo.
Technical Content Writer.
Before joining Arbor, Gwyn taught Maths at Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 at an Alternative Provision in Leeds.
Gwyn has also dabbled in many forms of communication, including radio and popular science writing.
Now at Arbor, she can continue to live out her childhood dream of telling people what to do and how to do it as a Technical Content Writer.
Fergus Brown.
Finance Manager × Fergus Brown.
Finance Manager.
Fergus grew up and attended school in Hampshire.
He graduated from Cardiff University with a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology and worked as a technical adviser to the Welsh Assembly Government before moving to London to become a management accountant.
Before joining Arbor he worked variously across media, tech, music and entertainment sectors, which has included well-known London brands such as the Capital FM radio group and Time Out.
Becca Watkins.
Operations Executive × Becca Watkins.
Operations Executive.
Rebecca started off her higher education as a young, wild and free Visual Communications Art Foundation student, a rebel with a cause for sustainability and mitigating food waste.
She then pursued a more academic, and down to earth, outlet for her creativity with a History of Art degree at the University of Bristol.
Throughout her degree she worked in festival production and marketing and for a short time was an extracurricular History of Art teacher at a school in Bristol.
This was an eye opener; the seed was planted that education technology had huge scope for development, an area she was surprisingly passionate in.
Now Rebecca brings her creativity (and eclectic music taste) to the stylish world of data.
Rebekah Jarvis.
Lead Software Trainer × Rebekah Jarvis.
Lead Software Trainer.
Before joining Arbor, Rebekah dazzled her students with her love for Drama and all things dramatic.
With a Drama degree from the University of Exeter and a PGCE from the University or Worcester, she worked as a teaching assistant and children’s workshop facilitator before she began a career as a Secondary Drama Teacher in Cornwall.
In her personal life, she has a passion for climbing towering hillsides and getting lost in the gardens and historic houses of the UK.
However, she dreams of exploring more ancient realms in Greece, Italy and Japan.
As a child, she was a professional Junior Dog Handler, showing at many events across the country – including Crufts.
In fact, she was one of the top 14 Junior Dog Handlers in the country at the age of 12.
Andrew Mackereth.
× Andrew Mackereth.
A life-long teacher and musician, Andrew has knowledge and experience of senior leadership roles in schools and MATs.
Andrew has served as a secondary Head and Executive Headteacher in secondary schools and was the long-standing chair of the Solihull Secondary Heads Association.
Away from work, Andrew has been a primary school governor and served as an advisor to the British Board of Film Classification.
As a multi-instrumentalist he has been known to knock out a few tunes from time to time and claims to have played on stage at The Cavern Club in Liverpool and conducted music groups at the Symphony Hall, Birmingham and Royal Albert Hall, London.
Jovan Mijatovic.
× Jovan Mijatovic.
Jovan graduated with a degree in Automatics from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Electrical Engineering, before going on to do a masters in IT at the University of Balearic Islands in Spain.
Before Jovan joined Arbor, he developed software for a Spanish company in Mallorca that worked with marinas across the world to reserve and rent moorings.
Outside of work, his interests include travelling, hiking, biking and walking.
Vladan Petaric.
× Vladan Petaric.
During his Computer Science studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, Vladan started working as a web developer in the online gambling & betting industry.
Trust him when he says – do not gamble.
As a new member of the Arbor engineering team, he brings the fresh team spirit and great respect for math and data processing.
He likes to say that he is the best football player among the programmers, and it has not yet been disputed.
Cassi Tait.
Finance Assistant × Cassi Tait.
Finance Assistant.
Cassi came to Arbor from the automotive sector where she looked after financial functions of a leading car leasing company.
Growing up in the mountain town of Competa in Southern Spain, educated in Malaga and mainly powered by coffee, churros and chorizo, Cassi is keen on completing her financial studies within the year.
She enjoys hiking with her dog Sebastian and is also a keen motorsport fan and equally at home answering questions about Formula One as she is answering questions about invoices.
Katie Burgos-Crossley.
× Katie Burgos-Crossley.
Katie graduated with a degree in Marketing before travelling Asia and eventually arriving with her backpack in Sydney, Australia.
After 7 years, she recently made the long journey back home to the UK with a partner, baby, toddler and shipping container in tow and joined Arbor.
Having children sparked an interest in education allowing her to proudly put her account management experience to great use.
Miroslav Jovanović.
× Miroslav Jovanović.
Miroslav graduated with a degree in Information Systems and Technologies from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences at the University of Belgrade, and worked as a JAVA software developer in the betting world before joining Arbor.  He is a huge coffee and superhero lover, and loves to play chess and rugby in his spare time.
Kelly Barnes.
Digital CSM × Kelly Barnes.
Digital CSM.
Kelly is a mum to one awesome little girl and is very passionate about giving children the chance to thrive at school.
Kelly struggled with dyslexia throughout her school journey, and as a result is passionate about improving the education experience of others.
She is a helper by nature and prides herself on her customer service and trying to find creative and efficient solutions.
She has a varied background in accounts, insurance, reconciliations and customer support, which has led to her having some unusual and innovative workarounds.
Kelly is also rather quirky and can easily be picked out in a crowd with her ever-changing brightly coloured hair and colourful tattoos.
Sara Walker.
× Sara Walker.
Sara joined Arbor having spent most of her career in Telecommunications where she gained experience in Customer Service Management, Contract Management and onboarding new customers.
Sara is a Mum of two teenagers who are both still going through different stages of education.
She fully understands and appreciates the hard work and commitment that teachers have contributed to their lives.
She feels her role at Arbor gives her the opportunity to give back and play her part in helping them free up their time so they can do what they trained so hard to do, teach.
In her spare time Sara loves walking, the more challenging, the better.
She has climbed Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike and is looking to climb Snowdonia to complete the set of 3 National Peaks.
If you cannot find her up a mountain, you may find her at Elland Road, cheering on Leeds United.
Sofija Simović.
HR and Recruitment Specialist × Sofija Simović.
HR and Recruitment SPecialist.
Sofija studied Management at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences at the University of Belgrade.
Before joining the Arbor team, she worked in Coca-Cola Hellenic Serbia as an Operator Development Program Coordinator.
In her spare time, Sofija enjoys wakeboarding and CrossFit, exploring and spending time in nature, and teaching kids maths.
Jelena Filipović.
Senior People & Talent Manager × Jelena Filipović.
Senior People & Talent Manager.
Jelena graduated from Belgrade University, department of Psychology in 2011.
She continued her education in the area of psychotherapy but then fell in love with HR and stayed there ever since.
She had been working as a Recruitment Consultant for 5 years in different industries, after which she moved to the People Development team in an IT company and stayed there for the next 2 years.
When she does have free time, she will spend most of it with her friends and family (both humans and cats) but also loves yoga or cycling.
Chris Taylor.
Partnership Manager × Chris Taylor.
Partnership Manager.
Whilst completing his Computer Science degree between York College and Sheffield Hallam University, Chris ran a small IT company specialising in repairs, hardware and tuition.
With a career move that couldn’t have been further away from this, he started working at a large international pharmaceutical supplier, overseeing procurement into GP practices and ending up looking after large NHS clients in the East Midlands.
Chris then moved back into IT, looking after the financials of large scale IT and infrastructure projects in education, particularly secondary schools, before joining the Arbor family in 2018.
Chris’ other passion is mechanical engineering and he’s never happier than when he’s got his head under the bonnet of a car or when he’s tinkering with his 1970s Japanese Import Honda.
Djordje Milojević.
× Djordje Milojević.
After working for over a decade in hospitality, running his own B&B and running a network of regional B&Bs Djordje decided to move into web development as he found huge interest in building web pages while helping build one for the organization itself.
Apart from programming Djordje is enthusiastic about F&B and cooking, as well as DJ-ing as a hobby.
Aleksandar Cvejic.
Head of DevOps × Aleksandar Cvejic.
Head of DevOps.
Aleksandar has an MSc from the School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, Electronics department.  He thinks of himself as an engineer, so did not find it was a big leap moving from designing integrated circuits to designing networks, virtual machines or containers.  In his free time he loves to relax by watching good (or bad!) sci-fi TV shows and movies.
Isla Cooke.
× Isla Cooke.
Isla graduated from the University of York with a BSc in Psychology in Education.
Following this she began working as an enabler in York providing psychological support to adults with learning difficulties.
In a slight career change she moved to working in software sales in Leeds for just over a year, before joining Arbor.  Arbor has provided the perfect combination of her passion for education and working in a company with a commitment to making a difference.
Growing up in the Lake District sparked her passion for nature, and in her spare time you can find her amongst the lakes and mountains, at historic houses and art galleries, searching for good restaurants, and chasing the sun in traditional Spanish coastal villages.
Brigitte Phillips.
Project Coordinator × Brigitte Phillips.
After graduating from the University of Leeds with a (very wordy) BA in Linguistics & Phonetics, Brigitte joined the glamorous world of EdTech.
In previous roles, she delivered training to colleagues, prospects, and customers across Europe, Asia, and the US.
When not at work, you can find Brigitte in the front row of live music venues across Leeds or boring her loved ones about how video games are an art form.
Aiden Gaughan.
Support Team Lead × Aiden Gaughan.
Support Team Lead.
Aiden graduated with a degree in Psychology from Leeds Trinity University and went on to gain experience working in retail management and customer service before joining Arbor.
When he’s not busy working through fun questions from schools, he can be found playing video games and socialising with friends or his Arbor colleagues.
Zoe Marshall.
Lead Account Manager × Zoe Marshall.
Lead Account Manager.
After graduating from Durham University with a degree in Education with QTS, Zoe launched into her primary teaching career, which took her to an international school in Germany and then back to schools in Leeds for a number of years.
Following completion of a Masters degree from the University of Leeds, Zoe began an advisory role within North Yorkshire County Council’s Inclusive Education Service.
With a passion for education and making life better for busy and ever hardworking teachers, Zoe’s career path took a slight turn and she now leads the Account Management team here at Arbor.
In her spare time, Zoe can be found pondering house renovations and holidays or spending time with her gorgeous pup, Betsy.
Nemanja Andrejevic.
× Nemanja Andrejevic.
Nemanja has been part of the IT sector for over 12 years, working on a wide variety of different projects.
Development and system architecture are his passions and he always needs to know how something works in detail.
If you enjoy the outdoors, table tennis, woodworking or archery, you and Nemanja will have a lot to talk about.
Nikola Milosevic.
JavaScript Engineer × Nikola Milosevic.
JavaScript Engineer.
Nikola graduated with a degree in Agricultural economics from the Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade.
After a few months of internship as a wholesale category manger, he decided to switch his career.
Now he is a front end developer specialising in JavaScript with more than a year of experience.
He has two lovely cats, Paca and Crlja, loves to watch premier league with a good craft beer in his hand, also plays basketball occasionally.
Sonia Leighton.
Chief of Customer Success × Sonia Leighton.
Chief of Customer Success.
With 20 years’ experience in customer-focused roles across the technology sector, Sonia is responsible for ensuring a great customer experience for our Arbor clients from onboarding through to in-life support.
A few accolades include improving overall customer satisfaction scores by over 40% and NPS scores of 80 for customer onboarding.
Sonia loves: tea, curry, family and friends but not necessarily in that order.
Charlie Preston.
× Charlie Preston.
Charlie graduated from Leeds College of Music/Hull university and enjoyed a subsequent eclectic and vibrant career working as a musician, financial advisor and sales manager in the oil, financial and energy sectors before launching himself into the EdTech sector without looking back.
Charlie is passionate about helping and supporting others and contributing to society whilst also working in a fast paced and commercial environment so when the opportunity to work at Arbor was presented, it was a real no-brainer.
Outside of work, you’ll find Charlie driving (or under the bonnet of) his various cars, attending and playing gigs, exploring European towns and cities or attempting to build a motorhome.
Goran Radović.
DevOps Engineer × Goran Radović.
DevOps Engineer.
A childhood passion for video games, computers and technology led Goran to naturally seek a career path in IT, starting first as a sys and database admin before switching more recently to dev operations.
He finds satisfaction in making new technologies his own and finding cool solutions where there are problems.
Privately he is a big nerd, so he enjoys the usual stuff, video games, series, books, podcasts, board games, cats.
Almost 8 years ago he took up a sword and got himself involved in historical fencing.
It keeps him active as well as gives him a reason to occasionally travel and meet cool new people.
Desma Tucker.
× Desma Tucker.
After gaining her degree in Education Studies and English Literature at York St John University, Desma undertook a job with a university in the north helping students make the most of their university experience.
Throughout her time studying and afterwards, her focus has been ensuring students get the most out of their education, regardless of socio-economic background.
When not helping people at Arbor she can be found socialising with friends, enjoying good food and having a cheeky beer or two.
Sophie Elms.
Talent Acquisition Manager × Sophie Elms.
Talent Acquisition Manager.
Sophie was born and bred in Leeds, entering the world of recruitment with Leeds City College where she had her first taste of the education sector.
She has worked in both the UK and Australia and is a passionate traveller, having ticked off South east Asia, China, Borneo, Australia, New Zealand and Bali to name but a few.

She is now heading up the recruitment and talent acquisition function for Arbor Eduction

finding motivated individuals to join us.
Jack Harrison.
× Jack Harrison.
Jack graduated from Leeds Beckett University with a degree in Games Design.
After his studies, he was elected as Vice President of Education and a year later, President of Leeds Beckett Students’ Union.
During these two years, he worked alongside the University to help make students’ time at University the best it could be.
In his downtime, Jack can be found in the gym training in Thai Boxing, running in the countryside, playing video games and saying hello to every dog he sees.
Tom Slattery.
× Tom Slattery.
Originally from Manchester, Tom joined Arbor in July 2019 after graduating from Leeds Beckett University with a first class degree in Business Studies earlier the same summer.
Interests in entrepreneurship and innovation means that Tom is always keen to help customers of Arbor as much as possible whilst also passing on ideas that may improve their experience.
When not working Tom will either be found at the gym, praying Man Utd will finally sign some decent players, or spending time with friends and family.
Miloš Milosavljević.
Project Manager × Miloš Milosavljević.
Project Manager.
Miloš studied at Faculty of Organizational Sciences on University of Belgrade.
During studies he won 1st place in IPMA Project Management Championship and participated in organising Belgrade Business International Case Competition as Case Writer.
He began his career in HR for South East Europe in PMI and from there was Key Account Manager for P&G Division and Project Manager in local Marketing Agency before getting opportunity to channel his passion on position of Project Manager in Arbor.
He cares about team work, work flows and finding best ways to bring value to business.
In spare time he likes cooking, writing and traveling.
Chris Sherwood.
Senior Product Manager × Chris Sherwood.
Senior Product Manager.
Chris has an Engineering Degree, PGCE, MBA and NPQH.
His career to date, has spanned engineering, teaching, educational leadership and software management.
He has worked in various roles in state schools, church schools and a City Technology College.
Chris has designed software for schools, hospitals and corporate businesses.
His proudest moment at work was when one of his educational products won a BETT award for innovation.
Chris enjoys a challenge and when not working on his house, you may find him on the lake in a canoe or up a mountain on a bike.
Caitlin Stead.
Sales Operations Analyst × Caitlin Stead.
Sales Operations Analyst.
Caitlin joined Arbor straight after graduating from the University of Leeds in 2019 with a degree in Actuarial Mathematics.
Her passion for analysing data came from her dissertation where she analysed trends within prey-predator population data.
In her spare time, she can be found at zoos or in the countryside to practice wildlife photography Sam Beck.
Account Manager × Sam Beck.
Sam is a Yorkshire born boy, who started his career as a creative based in London.
He graduated from Buckinghamshire New University, during his time there, he was able to work with many large ad agencies.
Having done his time in the big smoke, he decided to head back to his home town of Huddersfield.
He dabbled in a number of solo creative projects having plenty of fun and developing a number of communication skills that helped him land his first sales job selling HR software.
From there he pursued a career in account management into the education sector, eventually bringing him to Arbor.
If you need him out of office hours he can be found hiking the hills and peaks of England and Europe or at home making art and tinkering with his PC.
Anna Colbourne.
Customer Success Analyst × Anna Colbourne.
Anna originally studied English Literature at a University in London but came back up North to study Photography where she discovered her love for documentary photography.
After receiving a Dean’s Award for her research during her final major project she aimed to go back to study for a Masters which she has now nearly finished.
During her time studying, she has also undertaken different roles within customer service.
At home, you can usually find her watching something spooky or researching her next photography project.
Damian Brooks.
Chief Technical Officer × Damian Brooks.
Chief Technical Officer.
Damian followed a childhood passion in computer games to study Games Development at University, which aided a career that has gone on to span multiple industries and roles, from Games Engine Programmer to Distinguished Architect.
Still a keen coder and someone who likes to keep his hands in the code, Damian also has extensive experience defining and implementing technical strategies, and growing and mentoring world class engineering teams.
When not at a computer, Damian has ambitions to become a rockstar, although unfortunately posseses no musical talents whatsoever.
Sophia Krage.
Associate Product Manager × Sophia Krage.
Associate Product Manager.
Sophia is originally from Germany and graduated with a degree in Psychology with Business from Kingston University.
During her last two years at Uni she joined an early stage recruitment tech startup and was wearing multiple hats while discovering a passion for product management.

She is now part of the Product team at Arbor as an Associate Product Manager

Outside work, she can be found on street food markets, Volleyball courts or trying to find decent techno clubs in London.
Jonathan Ferrett.
Customer Success Analyst × Jonathan Ferrett.
Jonathan has always had a strong vocation for helping others.
This is why he undertook a degree in Health & Social Care at UCLAN.
This passion for making a positive impact to others took him to Jakarta, where after completing a high-intensity teacher training course, he worked in the education sector for over six years.
He has just returned to the UK, where he is enjoying helping Arbor in increasing student attainment and decreasing teacher work-load.
Jonathan regularly keeps fit by running, he has a keen interest in sport, especially football and can be heard listening to 80s hair-metal bands.
David Norton.
LA Development Manager × David Norton.
LA Development Manager.
David graduated with a degree in History from York University and a PGCE in Primary Education from Durham.
Having spent 4 years teaching and acting as the ICT Coordinator in two schools in the NE of England David moved into the world of ed tech.
He’s spent the last 13 years working in a range of roles from free-lance trainer to sales manager, across all educational sectors from Primary Education through to Higher Ed.  Outside of work David enjoys cooking, running, a glass of red wine and SkySports (some of these at the same time!).
Thomas Jackson.
Partnership Specialist × Thomas Jackson.
Partnership Specialist.
Thomas has studied Management at Leeds Beckett University.
Then he managed one of the biggest independent music venues in the North called Belgrave Music Hall.
After three years of long hours and hard work he wanted to put his efforts to a cause with some impact.
His penchant for selling in his job eventually led him to Arbor.
Luke Tiernan.
MAT Programme Lead × Luke Tiernan.
MAT Programme Lead.
Luke has had a varied career.
After realising that working in a market stall or being a chef wasn’t for him, he fell into Project Management working for one of the largest clinical software companies in the country where he spent 10 years delivering software implementation projects across the world.
In his spare time he can be found taking his significant other (Tiffany the Jeep) on various off-roading expeditions across the country or sailing somewhere warm and sunny on a boat.
Danielle Arkwright.
HR & Office Manager × Danielle Arkwright.
HR & Office Manager.
Danielle was born and raised in South London before moving slightly further South and graduating from the University of Kent with a degree in Drama.
She went on to work in schools as a drama teacher and facilitator, with a particular passion for Shakespeare and the power of the Arts in education.
Whilst ensuring everything runs smoothly in the Arbor offices, she is also studying for an MA in Dramatherapy and reads whatever she can get her hands on.
Lucy Crawford.
Product Manager × Lucy Crawford.
Product Manager.
Lucy graduated with a degree in Biomedical Science with Business from Newcastle, before working as a Product Manager for several organisations – most recently at Shelter.  In her spare time, she likes swing dancing, playing the violin, and attempting to play the bass.
Mark Maitland.
Partnership Manager × Mark Maitland.
Partnership Manager.
Mark has a Masters degree in Creative Psychotherapy and BA in Communications.  He worked in International sales before he went travelling ending up in Australia for five years doing his BA.
He has taught in a behaviour school for five years teaching film and creativity to boys with SEBD.
Mark set up a change agency – helping individuals and organisations step into change.
He specialised in behaviour change, developing a formula he delivered to people across sectors.
Taking his understanding of transformation and change he helped the NHS – primary care – with an at scale project to free up GP time using data cloud based technology and change management tools together, helping hundreds of GP practices save thousands of hours of time.
Mark is also a writer but his claim to fame is appearing on a kids tv show called Foreign Exchange where he played a tv presenter in Australia and if you search hard enough its out there on you tube.
Veljko Sirovljević.
× Veljko Sirovljević.
Velijko showed an interest in computing from a young age.
For his 7th birthday he got Spektrum 64 and began writing his first programs.
After finishing IT Academy and studying web application development, he has worked at several companies, from e-commerce, to web applications with over 120 million visitors per day.
Veljko enjoys listening to music, playing his guitar and his great love, basketball.
Richard Whaley.
× Richard Whaley.
After graduating from Northumbria University with a degree in Business with Marketing, Richard started his career the retail sector, working within digital communications for a national shopping centre group.
Following a relocation to Oxford, Richard transitioned into Account Management, spending three years with a leading digital marketing software provider.

He has now returned home to Yorkshire to drive success with his clients at Arbor

In his spare time, you’re likely to find Richard on the tennis court, while he also enjoys taking part in obstacle races from time to time.
Kate Blakey.
× Kate Blakey.
Kate has worked in a variety of customer-facing roles meaning she is passionate about providing a great experience for our customers.
With previous Project Coordination experience in a Healthcare setting dealing with GP Practices and Hospital Trusts, Kate is now excited to take on a new challenge in Education.
Outside of work, Kate loves to spend time with her family.
Kate also has a keen interest in baking and generally anything that involves food, so you are most likely to find her hunting out some new places to eat tasty food in Leeds Karrie Alexander.
Business Analyst × Karrie Alexander.
Business Analyst.
Karrie graduated from the University of Leeds with a Masters degree in Chemistry.
After joining a Graduate IT scheme she started her career as a programmer and since then has worked her way through an eclectic mix of jobs, from EEG research technician and data specialist amongst others, and is now adding Business Analyst to the list.
We believe here at Arbor that every day is a school day and to embody this principle Karrie has recently started learning Dutch.
Ze woont in Leeds en heeft twee kinderen en een hond.
Đorđe Adžemović.
× Đorđe Adžemović.
After graduating Information technologies at Faculty of Technical Sciences University of Kragujevac, Đorđe had plans to work as a Java developer but job opportunity connected him with PHP.
And the connection has been lasting for   4 years and counting.
And he loves it.
Đorđe does not like to drive a car, and he lives next to the river so he can walk, run or ride bike.
If he is at home, he is watching sports or quizzes on TV, binging Netflix or reading something interesting, not necessary IT related.
On the weekend evenings, you can probably find him in a pub, playing pool table and/or darts.
Maddie Kilminster.
Product Marketing & Content Manager × Maddie Kilminster.
Product Marketing & Content Manager.
Having studied modern languages at university, Maddie loved having the opportunity to live and work in France and Germany as a teaching assistant and in cultural PR.
Enjoying particularly the teaching aspect, she then pursued a career in education, working for Scholastic, .

Pearson and an EdTech start up before joining Arbor

Maddie’s passions lie with everything language; enjoying reading, teaching herself cryptic crosswords (struggling) and going to comedy or theatre.
It fits that her role at Arbor is all about expressing our tone of voice and creating helpful and beautiful content.
Eva Nebogatova.
× Eva Nebogatova.
Born In Lithuania, Eva started her journey here in Leeds in 2010.
Graduating from Leeds Becket University in 2014 with an International Tourism Management Degree she fully dedicated herself to the customer service industry.
Eva has been involved in a variety of management roles, including retail, hospitality and corporate business which has helped build a strong customer-focused approach.
She is now ready to take on a new challenge in the educational field.
In addition to her existing degree, Eva is currently studying Nutritional Therapy at University of West London.
Relating to her studies, Eva is most interested in a heathy lifestyle and travel; she absolutely loves Europe and aims to visit one new European country every year.
Dominique Simpson.
× Dominique Simpson.
Dominique has a BA Hons in History and then went on to study for a PGCE in Primary Education.
She was a Primary School teacher for 15 years before first joining Arbor in 2016 as a Customer Success Manager.
In 2018 Dom had a massive change in lifestyle when her husband took over the village pub, which makes her the landlady of a traditional Cotswold pub.
After setting up the business and getting the pub established it is great to be back with Arbor working on exciting projects.
Alice Miller.
Outbound Partnership Specialist × Alice Miller.
Outbound Partnership Specialist.
Alice was born in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire and moved to Leeds in 2012.
She has over 4 years experience in Sales and Recruitment spanning from Beauty, Digital Marketing and Software Development.

Wanting to challenge herself further Alice found herself drawn to Arbor

In her spare time Alice likes spending time being an adrenaline junkie, whether that be swimming with Sharks or indoor skydiving.
The thing she cannot live without is Diet Coke as in her own words “it’s my version of coffee!”  Joseph Wilson.
× Joseph Wilson.
Joseph is a former Assistant Headteacher of a Primary School.
After graduating from Nottingham Trent with a degree in Linguistics and Communication in Society, he taught children within the East Midlands, sharing his passion for Maths and Computing.
He is driven, determined and enjoys a challenge, completing three London marathons for charity and even has the Three Peaks Challenge in the pipeline.
If that’s not enough punishment, Joseph is also a long-suffering Tottenham Hotspur season ticket holder.
Chantel Stewart.
× Chantel Stewart.
Chantel completed an Education Studies BA Hons degree at University of Bedfordshire in 2018.
She has gained lots of experience working in multiple different retails stores, alongside retail experience she has worked in both public and private education sector.
After graduating she worked within the NHS and worked in higher education housing sector to broaden her experience in all education system.
When she is not working she spends her time with family cooking and watching crime documentaries or helping her sisters run their food and drink business called ‘Mama’s House’.
Rebecca Partridge.
× Rebecca Partridge.
Rebecca is a former Exams Officer and Cover Manager.
After graduating from Leeds University with a Masters in Marketing and Advertising she worked in the profession for 5 years before re-training in Childcare and Learning and Development to work in Education.
Some of the roles include, Nursery Nurse, cover and MFL teaching.
Having grown up in France, Rebecca enjoys traveling and discovering new places with her family and tasting new foods.
Especially Cheese.
Scott Rowley.
× Scott Rowley.
Originally a Midland boy at heart, now a proud Northerner since 2012.
I moved to Huddersfield, where I attended the University of Huddersfield and graduated in 2015 with a BA (Hons) Theatre Studies.
I have spent the following 8 years in various sales and customer facing roles, including another educational role working with Universities to help manage their laundry facilities.
In my spare time, I can usually be found spending time with my dog Patsy or with with friends completing escape rooms.
I can also often be found working with West Yorkshire Police in my spare time volunteering as a fully fledged officer as a Special Constable.
Hilary Aylesworth PhD.
Head of Product × Hilary Aylesworth PhD.
Head of Product.
Educator, product leader and cognitive scientist by education, .

Hilary joins Arbor as Head of Product

Prior to Arbor, Hilary led education initiatives, program and product development for Teachers College, Columbia University, the City College of New York (CUNY), Teach First and SAM Labs.
She’s interested in how different domain expertise can intersect to facilitate innovation and therefore looks forward to the day her expansive knowledge of science fiction can inspire something useful.  Tom O’Connor.
× Tom O’Connor.
Tom graduated with a master’s degree in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford, and worked at a software agency before joining Arbor.
He loves music, having studied at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, and performed at venues across the UK and europe, including Glastonbury Festival.
He loves pushing himself to learn new things, such as marathon running, origami, caligraphy and juggling.
Tammy Middleton.
× Tammy Middleton.
Tammy is a native New Yorker, where she earned a BS in Speech and Language and a Masters in Special Education.
She worked as a Speech Therapist in schools for 24 years before moving permanently to the UK.
Once settled, she held a variety of roles in the education sector and was a Training Specialist in the EMEA region.  You will usually find Tammy dreaming of a return to snowboarding or happily in the kitchen indulging her passion for the culinary arts.
Christie Tulloch.
Product Designer × Christie Tulloch.
Product Designer.
Christie graduated with a BA in Product Design from Central St.
Martins, University of the Arts London.
She loved every part of studying in Art School as she got to grow as a Designer amongst Fashion, Architectural, Fine Art and Drama students. Outside of University, Christie spent a few years working in the Transport Design Sector before spending a short stint working in Australia.
She has a passion for crafting seamless, digital journeys and find delight in creating beautiful, clean interfaces.
Outside work, she can be found at her local yoga studio or riding her bike through London Fields.
Alex Patrick.
Data Engineer × Alex Patrick.
Data Engineer.
Alex studied Maths at the University of Leeds and also has a Master’s degree in Transport Planning.
Despite rumours that he can neither swim nor ride a bike, Alex is a keen sportsperson both as specator and competitor.
Having worked in the media and consumer research spaces before joining Arbor, Alex is excited by the opportunity in EdTech to make a positive social impact with his work.
Sam Hemingway.
× Sam Hemingway.
Sam graduated from the University of Sheffield with a degree in Landscape Architecture.
He’s since worked in financial advice before spending 2 years in Montréal; a place where—outside of butchering the French language on a daily basis—he channeled his passion for technology into a mission of helping businesses understand how new strategies enabled by cloud services can help them realise their potential.
Outside of the office, he can either be found in the kitchen trying new recipes, in a coffee shop reading copious non-fiction books and—pretty much everywhere else—wondering out loud why his father ever cursed him with an interest in football.
Santino Boffa.
Head of People × Santino Boffa.
Head of People.
Santino graduated from Sheffield University with a law degree in 2006.
Prior to joining Arbor he has spent over 10 years hiring and building people functions for a number of highly innovative technology companies.
As interim Head of People.

Santino is passionate about making Arbor a happy

thriving and diverse environment for all.
When not working, Santino can often be found watching his beloved Arsenal or doing house renovation badly.
Sophie Hartley.
MAT Programme Manager × Sophie Hartley.
MAT Programme Manager.
Sophie graduated with a degree in Illustration at the University of Huddersfield in 2014 and has since focused on many a customer based roles.
From bar and gaming establishments, coordinating treatment plans in dentistry and deployment of clinical software products in primary and secondary healthcare.
Sophie is now a member of the customer team at Arbor.
In her spare time, she spends lots of time with her family and friends, and has a passion for cooking and all kinds of music.
Chelsea Hopkins.
× Chelsea Hopkins.
Chelsea is a former Attendance Lead and Child Protection Officer at a secondary school in Leeds.
She has had a variety of roles in secondary schools therefore she knows first hand the challenges that members of staff in school are facing.
She is passionate about improving the workloads of school staff and thus improving the quality of education that children are receiving.
When she wasn’t working in a school, she spent her weekends and school holidays working on a farm that provided educational sessions to young children, which leads us nicely onto Chelsea’s most favourite thing in the world which is … animals.
When she’s not running round after her two dogs and a tortoise, you will often find Chelsea at a bar, with a gin in hand, explaining to everyone how she will one day have that $20million pent house in Manhattan.
Hannah Lillis.
× Hannah Lillis.
Hannah studied Maths at the University of York before initially becoming an analyst for a digital marketing team.
After learning to build basic email templates, she got a taste for coding and decided to leave marketing behind to pursue a career in software development.
She attended a three month coding bootcamp and since then has worked as a developer in EdTech, a sector close to her heart after having previously tutored and managed a tuition centre.
Away from work, she’s an avid theatre fan as well as a keen baker.
Ollie Cusack.
Partnership Specialist × Ollie Cusack.
Partnership Specialist.
Born on the sunny coast of Bournemouth, Ollie moved up to Leeds immediately after graduating for an export sales role which took him across Europe doing presentations to international distributors (HVAC).
He was headhunted for recruitment but always felt something was missing.
Ollie is interested in the impact tech innovation will have on the slower moving public sector.
He found Arbor through his research and feels incredibly lucky that he’s found the exact kind of future-focused social impact organisation he was looking for.
On a personal level, Ollie loves anything in nature & the outdoors.
Skiing, surfing, rock climbing etc… Ollie has also competed in various combat sports from a young age (Muay Thai, Eskrima, Boxing), and loves playing American Football when he’s not injured… so not very often.
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