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~ Steve Jobs Good Design Means Happier Customers

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23rd August 201619th July 2017 In this article AJR discuss How Graphic Design Can Help Your Business “Good Design is Good Business it creates a great first impression, Its an effective way of communicating visually with your potential customers and keeps them engaged creating the right image for your brand.
– Andrew Marriott, AJR Designs Good Graphic design solves communication problems by organising information in an aesthetically pleasing way, creating visual solutions that will best appeal to the businesses potential customers and overall target market.
Every successful business builds upon a foundation of marketing and use of their distinctive identity to promote their business and brand to build a good reputation in the minds of consumers.
Promotional displays and marketing materials for the businesses products and services, distinctive logo designs, website designs, and signage are all part of creating a company identity and brand.
When an advertising piece is graphically designed well, it will attract attention, clearly communicate a message, and will have the unique ability to persuade and sell a product or service.
Well-designed media whether that be digital or print make an organisations appear more professional, successful, and appealing to the consumer and often builds trust in the solidity of the business.
Good graphic design makes it easier for people to receive and understand information.
With so much information all around us, it is important to have good graphic design that will stand out in the crowd.
Graphic designers help businesses by creative good graphic design that will make them look professional, a good graphic designer will have a skill of understanding your business and creating visual graphic design that solves a problem.
This involves understanding you and your business, buy understanding your thinking process of how you want to visually market your business and how your want your customers to see your business from a design perspective.
This involves learning about the history of your business, research in to your competitors and target market all this is vital for designers to learn how to best visually design for your business.
Almost everyone has gone to the supermarket and stood in an aisle wondering which product to buy.
Often one of the factors in choosing is the packaging design, does it look nice and catch your attention.
Similarly, a company’s brand needs to portray its products and services in a professional manner, so they will be the one a customer chooses.
Now we now the importance of graphic design for your business, Let go into detail and look at the individual areas of How Graphic Design Can Help Your Business Good Design Makes a Great First Impression.
It only takes a second for a user to make a first impression regarding your website or printed media, .

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According to research published in Behaviour and Information Technology

This first impression will set the tone for the rest of the user’s experience.
Further research shows that it can take twenty or more additional meetings to erase a poor first impression.
Therefore it is crucial to start off with a great impression that will imprint a positive image of your brand in the user’s mind.
There are many ways to accomplish this goal.
One is having the right colour scheme for your website and printed media.
This should be both eye-catching and pleasant to look at.
Anything overly vibrant, psychedelic or jumping abruptly out of the page can be a major turn-off.
Unexpected sounds, images and pop-ups are certainly annoying.
There’s a whole plethora of other facets that can make-or-break those first few critical moments.

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Good Design for Effective Communication

The purpose of your website is to communicate valuable information to the user.
Research shows that users who don’t find what they are looking for within 30 seconds will leave your website.
Thus, it’s highly necessary to organise your site’s content in an easy-to-find layout.
A search bar can be vital, but knowing where to put it is just as important.
People are used to finding search bars in the top-right corner of every page.
This simple consideration can make a dramatic difference in your site’s usability and effectiveness.
Design should never say, “Look at me.”  It should always say, .

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“Look at this.” ~ David Craib Good Design Keeps the Reader Engaged

Statistics continue to demonstrate that attention spans are remarkably short.
You want information to be presented clearly and concisely.
Not only should your paragraphs be short, but the way they are aligned can play a significant role.

A 2004 Lin survey found that leaving wide

white spaces between paragraphs and around margins increases reading comprehension by 20%.
It has been determined that a line of text should contain approximately 12 words or 95 characters for both reducing eye strain and keeping the reader awake.
Using photos and videos is a must, particularly in our day and age.
People much prefer to watch a clip or browse through pictures than focus on words.
The dramatic success of YouTube illustrates this well – it has over 2 billion video views a day.
But once again, it is vital to know where to place those videos and photos to maximise their effect on your audience Good Design Presents the Right Image.
The design of your web page is the most obvious way that your company presents its brand.
A messy and disorganised website will suggest the same about your company and drive away clients.
On the other hand, a clean, friendly look will tell your audience of your company’s professionalism and modernity.
Perhaps more important is your logo, for it will forever be associated with your company in the minds of your clients.
A cheap-looking or childish logo designed on the back of a napkin will certainly not attract any new customers.
Great design is critical in broadcasting your company’s true spirit to the world.
Design is the fundamental soul of a human-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service.
~ Steve Jobs Good Design Means Happier Customers.
A well-designed website greatly reduces user frustration.
How often have you been in a difficult situation online, stuck on a page and not sure where to turn.
Often, poor design gives users a hard time in the simplest of tasks.
Something like filling out a form can be excruciating (on that note, keep your forms short – no one likes homework).
A common mistake is typing in blue text, which users mistake for links, adding to their distress.
Another tip: make sure your contact information is easy to find, for this is among the most significant pieces of information on your website.
Little details like these add up to large outcomes when it comes to customer satisfaction.
Good Design is Long-Lasting.
Durability is the mark of great design.
Take for example, .

The world-famous logo of Coca-Cola

It was designed in 1885 and is still among the most power symbols on the planet, recognised internationally.
This is true for any design, including a website.
In the long run, successful design saves you both time and money as you avoid having to constantly rework your brand.

Design is intelligence made visible

~ Alina Wheeler Ask yourself, how can graphic design help your business.
Does your business need help communicating your brand.
AJR has helped business of all sizes with creative graphic design solutions for start up business to well established companies.

Let us help find creative solutions for your business

Contact AJR Today.
30th August 2016.
26th July 2016.
18th December 2013.
I am a technical & creative guy who loves technology.
From a very young age, I have had a passion for technology, website / graphic design and photography.
I work hard & play harder, I’m driven and full of enthusiasm with a passion to help others.
Technology, digital design, web development & creative photography are areas I am really passionate about.
In the past i have worked for a leading IT Solutions & Managed service provider in Rotherham dealing with a range of IT platforms, such as – on site field engineering and remote support, dealing with all types of servers such as Virtual & Physical, Hyper–V, VMware, Windows server 2012 R2, SBS – Small Business Server 2008 2011, SQL, Terminal, Exchange, Active Directory, Group Policy, TCP, IP, DNS, DHCP, VPN, RDP, hybrid & cloud, Office 365 and managed security solutions such as Antivirus and Spam filtering.
Prior to this, I worked for Wickersley School & Sports College as the Lead IT & Network Technician and also supporting local primary schools with IT Support and engineering visits & Project Management.

While also running my own company AJR Solutions

providing IT & Creative Solutions.
In addition to my full-time career, I’m very creative and have a huge passion for design and love how design can have a massive impact on a business image, presence and value , business card design, business graphic design, , , , flyer design, , , , , slouth yorkshire, , , .

Advantages of Professional Logo Design Features You Can Include in Your Business Website

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