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The Xbox Series A – Disc Version

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XB Series X.
Xbox One.
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700° Confusion reigns over Xbox naming policy as Series S causes ‘One X’ to trend

Espio110h ago Opinion piece117▼Info.
Add Alt Source.
Key industry figures criticise Microsoft”s nomenclature following latest hardware reveal.
Xbox Series X videogameschronicle.com Read Full Story >> videogameschronicle.com Releases.com – Your guide to Game, TV and Movie Releases.
– Comments (117) + Comments (117) TopNewestOldest Expand all Add isarai11h ago Everyone that wasn”t whiffing MS”s farts like it was rose scented oxygen knew this was going to happen.
Agree 88Disagree 25 chrisx10h ago Yeah, it really is confusing.
Just ms being ms.
Agree 46Disagree 13 darthv7210h ago No more confusing than car models.
Each one has its own level of bells and whistles.
You dont hear people complaining, and that is an even bigger industry.
Agree 30Disagree 81 JEECE10h ago @darthv72 When you are buying a car, you aren”t worried that if you buy the wrong model, it won”t be accepted on the roads within a year and a half.
In contrast, if a parent buying a console for their kid gets the wrong thing, they won”t be able to play new games once cross-gen games end.
Agree 49Disagree 19 BillyG0AT10h ago If you have the brain capacity of a wasp, it might be Agree 16Disagree 32 chrisx10h ago @billyGoat Oh I like wasps, I”d rather be a ???? than a ???? Agree 19Disagree 4 Atom66610h ago @Jeece Where do you guys live where you can”t take something back to a store and say: “I bought the wrong one and I want to exchange it”.
Agree 9Disagree 22 Obscure_Observer10h ago “Yeah.

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It really is confusing.” Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Yeah

mind boggling.
S/ Agree 12Disagree 39 Gaming4Life19819h ago How is it confusing.
Xbox one s and xbox series s, its a clear difference.
Agree Disagree 31 bouzebbal9h ago (Edited 9h ago) I don”t think it”s a confusion problem for those who are following the gaming news , I just don”t get how they can pull such awful names everytime.
Xbox in itself is a terrible name darth Audi RS you don”t just buy it when you know nothing about cars.
It”s a sport variant and you need to know a minimum before you consider that model.
Your example is broken.
Agree 21Disagree bouzebbal9h ago When I see series S I imagine there will be series S1 2 3.
Same for series X.
I have no idea why they”re keeping that word series in each name ????‍♂️ Agree 9 JEECE9h ago People doing the “oh it”s so easy and obvious” dance need to realize that it”s not people who come to these sites who will have a problem.
We”ve known about this console for a year prior to its announcement.
The issue is casuals.
It”s sometimes unbelievable what they can manage to confuse.
If you don”t believe me, recall that Nintendo took the Wii U on Jimmy Fallon”s show before launch, and he thought it was an add on for the Wii.
Agree 25Disagree 4 Unspoken7h ago (Edited 7h ago) Twitter community and former PlayStation employee claims they don”t understand naming convention.
These are the two most reliable sources out there next to Sony fans on N4G.
Fools here can”t understand different versions of tech.
Disagree 12 rainslacker5h ago (Edited 5h ago) As a general rule of thumb, those that say the average consumer can figure this stuff out I know have never worked a day of retail in their life.
When I worked in retail, it never ceased to amaze me how uninformed people could be, and how resistant they were to learning from someone who knew.
.ie, the sales person.
People don”t like being told they”re wrong, or that cheap version they wanted won”t do what they want it to do.
But, more generally speaking, when people buy cars, they tend to buy the ones that have the features they want, at a price point they think they can afford.
I honestly can”t ever think of a time when I went to buy a car, and thought about the various two letter version numbers, because for the most part, they were usually the same car with added features.
Some sports cars are more confusing in this regard, but in the end, people that care about that stuff will learn what it has to offer.
Same with consoles, but in the case of consoles, someone who maybe just buys the cheaper one ends up realizing it may not be what they wanted, because it”s not like information on electronics is clearly displayed to the layman.
Just look at the somewhat recent transition to the 4K market with TV”s and everything to run 4K.
Even after almost a decade now, the whole thing is a cluster-F of information, that is easy to get confused by, and you may very well not get what you wanted if you don”t really research it well enough, and even then, the research can be just as confusing because most of what you find on google is paid media crap.
@Atom “Where do you guys live where you can”t take something back to a store and say: “I bought the wrong one and I want to exchange it” Most places in the US do not allow returns for consoles or games.
.although games are becoming a returnable product in more places now.
Some will take back consoles with restocking fees, or they”ll take them as trade ins.
You buy the wrong thing, and you”re pretty much stuck with it, or you take a loss.
Agree 4 1Victor3h ago Grandma wall into a game (whatever name you’re like goes here)store and ask for a new Xbox s thingy for my grandson the attendant say we we go Xbox one s and series s which one you want she say is one s the newest of the series s he say no they’re different 1s come first series s is new ???? She then say I want that one an this games and drop 3 games ????????He says you can’t play those game on it, she say never mind I’ll comeback later JEECE2h ago @rainslacker You nailed it.
I remember being in a blockbuster once in the mid 2000s when a guy who had rented a blu-ray version of a movie was mad at the cashier because it wouldn”t work in his DVD player.
He just kept arguing with him about why it wouldn”t work after the cashier explained it and offered to exchange it for a DVD.
UltraNova38m ago Nuh its not confusing, especially when the Xbox One series is discontinued and no longer available in shops.
I can see some people(parents, casuals etc) getting confused right around launch period but that”s about it.
That said, MS really needs to work on their naming for next-next gen.
+ Show (12) more repliesLast reply 38m ago GiveMEthatEGG11h ago Because MS is absolutely horrible at naming their consoles.
360, 1x, series x/s, ugh.

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Agree 58Disagree 9 chrisx10h ago (Edited 10h ago) One S

series x, one x, series s lol look how ridiculous this is.
It”s what happens when suits are running a gaming system instead of actual gamers.
They have the same poor attitude on quality AAA games for xbox because they don”t really understand.
Agree 43Disagree 9 rainslacker5h ago (Edited 5h ago) We”re at the point where MS is surpassing Sega in hardware available at any given time on the market.
Remember how everyone figured out all the various Sega offerings.
Yeah, me either, and that was the start of Sega”s downfall.
Luckily, I suppose, MS has the money to muscle through the tough times.
morod699583h ago I get paid over $90 per hour working from home with 2 kids at home.
I never thought I”d be able to do it but my best friend earns over 10k a month doing this and she convinced me to try.
The potential with this is endless.
Heres what I”ve been doing, HERE► https://bit.ly/2zPpkEQ RaidenBlack10h ago *Holiday 2020, local Target* Parent: “Can I get an Xbox?” Salesperson: “The Xbox One X or Series X?” P: “Yeah the X one.” S: “Which Xbox.
P: “The Xbox X.” S: “Which X.
One X?” P: “Yeah one Xbox X.” S: “.
wait which X?” P: “.
just give me the PlayStation 5.” Agree 76Disagree 22 alb189910h ago There will be just two xbox, the series S and the series X.
I don”t see any complication.
Agree 14Disagree 40 darthv7210h ago There is no more One X so that should solve that conundrum.

Agree 18Disagree 26 NeoGamer23210h ago (Edited 10h ago) *Holiday 2020

local Target* Parent: “Can I get an PlayStation?” Salesperson: “The PS4 or PS5?” Parent: “wtf?” Salesperson: “The older one or the newer one?” Parent: “Newer?” Salesperson: “Regular or digital version?” Parent: “wtf.
what”s the difference” Salesperson: “the one with the blu-ray drive or without” Parent: “oh you mean to watch movies or not?” Salesperson: “both can watch movies” Parent: Walks out of store.
Both console vendors are adding confusion here.
Agree 18Disagree 75 Christopher9h ago But, alb1899, remember — https://www.businessinsider.
NotoriousWhiz8h ago Sorry, @NeoGamer, but that”s just not going to be a realistic scenario for the overwhelming majority of consumers.
The Xbox confusion will happen.
Assuming the one X / one S are in stores at the same time as the Series S / Series X.
Agree 17 VenomUK7h ago @RaidenBlack & @NeoGamer232.
Your little stories made me laugh.
Agree 4 Auron7h ago Which is why they discontined the One S all digital and One X hope this helps???? Cueil4h ago The Xbox One X has been discontinued for MONTHS + Show (5) more repliesLast reply 4h ago fathertime44645h ago Yes the names are shit, but they”re not confusing.
There”s a difference you know like being a moron and acting like a moron.
So everyone bitching about names and never planned on getting one to begin with is a moron, and everyone bitching just to bitch are acting like a moron Agree 4 rainslacker5h ago I doubt it”s going to cause much of an issue on the market to be honest.
People would have to want the Xbox in abundance for it to really matter.
But, in the end, people will get what they want at the price they want to pay, and if they have questions, they can pester the sales people about it while they pontificate about how it will miraculously do what they think it should do, even when told directly it won”t do that, because customers actually are morons.
Not all of them of course, but enough that if you work in retail, they make you question how much longer the human race can survive as a species.
nowitzki200431m ago I dont think they are horrible at naming, I think They have other plans with their naming schemes.
They know what they are doing, they want to confuse people who dont follow gaming news.
Parents and such.
+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 31m ago NealGamby10h ago (Edited 10h ago) MS”s marketing put out a crappy spec Series S and discontinued the better spec One X to push people to the new Series X.
LOL Agree 16Disagree 26 darthv7210h ago Its the other way around.
The One X is less powerful to the Series S.
It”s the reason the OX was discontinued.
The SS is replacing it.
Agree 23Disagree 19 GamerRN10h ago Yeah, don”t play into it Darth.
Which makes more sense: @NealGamby is a Sony fanboy trying to knock the Series S and Microsoft Or @NealGamby is on N4G and has no idea that the Series S is actually more powerful than the One X despite all the articles and comments explaining that it is.

Agree 18Disagree 19 NealGamby8h ago (Edited 8h ago) One X has 6 teraflops

Series S has 4 teraflops, right.
Xbox One has a 1tb HDD, the Series S has a 512 SSD and no disc drive, right.
Now tell me how the SS is better than the One X.
Agree 14Disagree 14 yomfweeee8h ago Xbots praise TFLOPS when it makes the Series X seem better than PS5.
Xbots downplay TFLOPS when it makes the Series S seem worse than One X.
Make up your minds boys.
Series S can”t even do 4K.
What a step backwards.

Agree 25Disagree 9 darthv728h ago (Edited 8h ago) @yom

yes the SS can do 4k.
It can play the same 4k games the 1X can and then some.
It will play the majority of the ”Series” class games at upwards of 1440 and some even at 4k but it obviously will depend on the complexity of the game (and discretion of the dev) @neal, comparisons of the same tech reveals the bigger the numbers the better.
hence the 9-10tf vs the 12tf because they are of the same class.
But to understand how something that is perceived less but is actually more, it is as easy as understanding the difference between a modern 4cyl engine compared to an older 8cyl engine.
Different classes and you cant go by the end number.
Its all about efficiency and the changes made to improve while making it smaller.
the 512gb SSD in the SS is better performance than the 1TB in the 1X.
That is easy to know simply because of the newer solid state design vs the older mechanical platter design.
Capacity may be halved but the new games do not need to use redundant data spread across various points of the drive.
That was done due to the slower nature of spinning platters and head seek times.
So a game that would have been 25gb in size (installed to a hdd) would take up considerably less space on a SSD.
Sony has said it themselves.
They use an 825gb ssd and their games should actually take up less space compared to the same game built for a traditional hdd.
So the same thing applies to the SSD in the SS.
Games designed for it, wont take up as much space.
And you can use external hard drives for other games like 360 and xbo and og xbox digital games.
Agree 10Disagree 11 NealGamby8h ago @Darth LMAO at your backwards analogy.
No way a 4 cylinder will out haul an 8 cylinder.
Nice try though.
Disagree 14 cornelis7h ago darthv72, they aren”t even advertising it as 4k.
Maybe it”ll do 4k with checkerboard but of course we all know how you xbox fans act whenever you hear that word.
Though i guess the way you guys love doubletalk you”ll probably proclaim it”s the best thing ever.
Rimeskeem5h ago Do we even know how powerful the S is.
I know they showed all that neat features and stuff but we were given no numbers besides “1440P up to 120 FPS”.
The SSD speed wasn’t shown, the tf number wasn’t shown, nothing but blank words were thrown in tbh.
The SSD is also significantly smaller.
If the digital PS5 is a lot more powerful for 400$ With almost twice the SSD space and has exclusives I just don’t see this console being successful.
Kyizen5h ago The One X is 6 Tflops and the Series S is 4.
tell me again which is more powerful Disagree 4 rainslacker4h ago For years now it”s been about how the PS4P is weak, and the X1X is the way to go.
Then it”s the XSX will be the console to get because it”s 12TF, instead of the low end 8TF.
Now, it”s 4TF is OK, because.
well, still haven”t figured that out.
While I won”t call you out specifically here, you can”t help but marvel at the rather inconsistent adherence to the TF number being meaningful when it comes to deciding what console to get.
So, whose this console for.
That, to me, is a much better question than why the numbers matter or don”t.
There”s nothing wrong with less powerful consoles in principal, but it really depends on what they hope to achieve with it, and who they”re marketing it to.
Determine that, then one can decide if what they have to offer is actually good or bad for its intended audience, because I”m fairly confident that those talking about it here really have no intention of getting this even if they are interested in getting an Xbox.
At least not as a primary system.
Especially the Xbox fans, who have done nothing but talk about playing the next gen the best way possible for quite some time.
+ Show (6) more repliesLast reply 4h ago Stanjara10h ago Well said.
Disagree DoubleTTB225h ago The new systems run on the RDNA 2 microarchitecture.
The One X was still on the old GCN microarchitecture.
RDNA 2 gets significantly more performance flop for flop than GCN.
That is why the Ps5 and Series X both actually have a bigger lead power wise over last gen systems than the flops would suggest.
That plus hardware accelerated ray tracing is a pretty nice feature that the Series S will have.
Basically the Series S has a massive advantage CPU and hard drive speed wise over the One X (having the same CPU and SSD as the Series X), while also having at least an equivalent GPU if not small bit better.
It is definitely strong enough to play last-gen titles at 4k.
But it isn”t going to play next-gen titles at high resolutions.
Agree 4 Knightofelemia10h ago If I am going to buy a new next gen Xbox I”ll skip Series S just for the fact no disc drive.
Kinda hard to play games on a machine that is suppose to be backwards compatible if I can”t play my disc based games on a machine that can”t play discs.
Unless you”re a console collector or a person who likes to collect hard drives full of digital games or a tech junkie who likes to make Youtube vids on console tear downs a discless console is useless.
Agree 15 darthv7210h ago Well.
I am a console collector who has 117 digital games on their SAD who will gladly move those over to the SS when I get one.
As for discs, I will just play those on the SX like i do now with the 1X.
Agree 4Disagree 23 TravsVoid3h ago That sounds like a huge waste of money compared to just using gamepass.
TravsVoid3h ago The lack of disk drive is the only thing keeping me from getting it.
If they release a drive accessory like we had in the 360 generation I would bite though.
JayRyu10h ago @GamerRN ???? Disagree Donnie8110h ago (Edited 10h ago) People won’t be confused when the series s and x start dominating the competition and winning 30 plus straight npds like the 360.
Quality system cheap is gonna do great Agree 4Disagree 40 cornelis9h ago (Edited 9h ago) HAHA.
I seem to remember the Xbox Series One SX couldn”t even win it”s launch month NPD even with stacked preorders.
Agree 15Disagree 4 Ninver9h ago Wishful thinking.
The 360 glory days are over and will never be replicated.
Ms got lucky that gen by releasing 1 year ahead of the ps3.
Not to mention inflated sales from rrod replacements.
Agree 21Disagree TheProblem9h ago Well I’m making a note of this statement.
Sometimes I wonder how you xbots get so delusional Agree 13 Donnie819h ago the series s is the best value while the series x is the most powerful.
The ps5 is stuck awkwardly in the middle and I bet it’s 499 if not more.
Gonna be a rough few years for the Sony fans.
People will buy the 299 system in droves Disagree 13 TheProblem9h ago Again.
Pure delusion.
You will eat your words Agree 11 jznrpg9h ago Why would it be rough.
We know good games at coming Agree 8 ocelot078h ago What excuses are you going to try and use if the ps5 digital is within $100 of the series s and the disc ps5 cheaper than the series x.
What is your excuse when the playstation indeeds starts out selling the s and x again.
Face facts PlayStation is just preferred platform to buy around the world.
boing18h ago How?.
Explain please.
What you say is completely unrealistic.
Agree 4 The_Sage6h ago Donnie, You may want to talk to a psychotherapist.
You are obviously delusional.
I”m just trying to help.
Mental illness is no joke.
The_Sage5h ago Donnie, You seem to be delusional.
You should probably see a psychotherapist.
Mental illness us no joke.
rainslacker4h ago I”d be pretty damn confused if that happened, because it”s highly unlikely to happen, and that would be confusing.
I”m already pretty straight on the naming convention.
It”s not that confusing to me.
yes, but not really confusing.
But, you know, I”m a hardcore gamer, and know things about gaming, and follow gaming.
RosweeSon4h ago Will that be sometime this gen ???????????? Sunny_D3h ago Damn good b8 m8.
+ Show (7) more repliesLast reply 3h ago cwhit12210h ago good news is the one X will not even be available to purchase except on eBay second hand.
Disagree 11 joejoejoe5h ago Just because M$ stopped production doesn”t mean there aren”t millions of consoles out there yet to be sold.
They”ll be in stores through the holiday season at the very least.
cwhit1224h ago i checked and i couldn”t find any in-stock from major retailers like BB, Target etc here in the states.
Gaming4Life19819h ago lol so xbox one s and xbox series s is confusing to people???.
People are just not inteligent because their is a clear difference just like with the wii and wii u.
Disagree 24 boing18h ago It confused you I think.
Did you mean Series S.
Agree 13 Gaming4Life19818h ago (Edited 8h ago) No i am not confused and i said series s.
Disagree 8 flangyman7h ago ☆Intelligent ☆there ???? SullysCigar7h ago Lol I spotted that as well – too funny.
Agree 4 Gaming4Life19816h ago (Edited 6h ago) Lol oops was typing to fast on my phone and missed a letter.
Its really not that serious or are you going to point out all misspelled words on all n4g articles just because.
Disagree 4 NotoriousWhiz5h ago (Edited 5h ago) Wii and Wii U was/still is terrible.
Xbox one/series X/S is also terrible, possibly more so, because of the similar sounds of X/S.
New / 3DS / 2DS is the worst of them all.
No one wants to just keep it simple like PlayStation.
Everyone else has to try something unique, which results in nothing more than confusion for the typical consumer.
I was looking into getting Minecraft for my son awhile back, and there were so many 1 star reviews for the “New 3DS” version of Minecraft.
“Doesn”t work with my 3DS even though I just bought it new.” rainslacker3h ago I hear that will be a other versions as well.
The Xbox Series A – Disc Version.
Also known as Xbox SAD.
There will also be the Series A – All Digital.
Also referred to as Xbox SAaD.
Then the Xbox Two – Series X, which will include dual GPU”s like the original Xbox One did(/s), colloquially referred to as Xbox Two SX.
Let”s not forget the Xbox Series G – All Adult Services edition, otherwise known as Xbox Series GaaS.
I hear this one will offer some some interesting custom controllers.
because why not make it similar to something they have now.
Their erratic naming conventions so far seems to be working gangbusters for them so far.
+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 3h ago CrimsonWing699h ago I get why Xbox didn”t want to say Xbox 1, 2, 3, 4 because they”d always be a number behind Playstation, but would it kill them to do maybe what Nintendo does.
Like I”m never confused at what a Nintendo console is even if the name is dumb.
Agree 11 JEECE9h ago Nintendo took the Wii U on Jimmy Fallon and he thought it was an add on for the Wii.
Agree 9 CrimsonWing698h ago Well, Jimmy Fallon is a moron so that doesn’t surprise me.
Agree 10 NotoriousWhiz5h ago Xbox should just take the vehicle approach.
Xbox 20 (for 2020), Xbox 25 (for 2025).
Doesn”t get much simpler than that.
Bathyj9h ago All this because they were scared to name the 360 Xbox 2.
Agree 20Disagree JEECE9h ago Seriously.
A short term solution has caused another long term problem.
Agree 11 Bathyj58m ago (Edited 56m ago) I think they”re doing the exact same thing now hamstringing their whole generation to a 4Tflop machine with half the storage.
Do people realise by the time you buy a memory card for this it will cost more than a PS5 digital maybe the same as a regular PS5 and be less than half the power.
rainslacker4h ago (Edited 4h ago) Didn”t help they followed that up with going back to one.
Quite honestly, probably one of the dumbest names for a third console.
I get what they were going with with the name, but jesus did it make talking about xbox history a pain in the ass.
Maybe they should just do what they did with Windows, and skip a number.
Sure, that was because of a technical issue with Win9x legacy software, but in the long run, it wouldn”t have mattered, then they could feel all special for being even with Sony”s naming convention.
Bathyj59m ago They should have just called it Xbox 2020 and 2020 lite so they can still swing their big Ds and it”s not confusing to anyone.
Good know exactly what it is.
9h ago TheColbertinator9h ago Microsoft has had one naming success with the Xbox.
And that was about it.
FanboySpotter9h ago If you get confused by this and not phone names.
idk what to tell you.
Just feel sorry for you.
Even my grandma knows the difference.
Agree 4Disagree 20 NotoriousWhiz5h ago (I bet she doesn”t.) Agree 4 rainslacker3h ago I get confused by phone names.
Or rather, I don”t care enough about phones to learn the differences between them.
Why would you assume that people care enough about the consoles to learn the differences.
I think people here understand it well enough, but the topic at hand is more general than we”re making it out to be.
Granted, the audience for this author probably knows this stuff well enough as well.
So far, I can”t say that this is going to be confusing or not to the general consumer.
It”s rather recent news, and I haven”t noticed any real trending confusion.
Any other thing this news or naming convention entails will take more than a day to show the results.
I personally think that even if it causes confusion, the effect on sales is going to be negligible, whether positive or negative.
9h ago One thing that is definitely not ”confusing” is the price of each console.
A lot of people on social media are excited about Series S.
Agree 4Disagree 16 cornelis9h ago Show TheProblem9h ago Sony tweeted the PS5 logo.
It became the most retweeted image in twitter history.
Sony live streamed the ps5 reveal.
It was the most watched live stream in YouTube history.
It seems people on social media are far more excited for the ps5 Agree 19Disagree 9h ago (Edited 9h ago) and I”m happy for Sony.
There are still gamers that are also excited for Series S.
This isn”t tit for tat.
I”m not doing a comparions, and I”m not interested in playing ”console wars”.
Disagree NukeDaHippies9h ago I saw a video talking about both X AND S and i was SO confused subzero19928h ago Trying to find something to be negative about in an otherwise positive Xbox day.
Agree Disagree 9 NotoriousWhiz5h ago It”s okay to point out the good with the bad.
I”m digging that Series S price point, that”s low enough for me to be a day one buyer.
Normally, I”d wait a couple of years for some solid exclusives.
if PS5 Digital comes in $350 or lower, then that”s going to win out for me, and Series S can come later.
I”ll get the beefy version later on after some price cuts or maybe even wait for the mid gen refresh.
HASHTAGSMITTY8h ago In the world of “brilliant” armchair developers and hardware engineers that this sites comment sections are comprised of.
THIS is what confuses you all.
Got it, makes sense.

Disagree 8 SLiSH19838h ago Oh ya because Best Buy is gonna have Xbox One

Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X all on the same shelf ???? Man, good thing Apple never ran into this with their iPads.
???? Disagree curtain_swoosh7h ago xbox one x one s x sxs Agree 4 SullysCigar7h ago I”m not sure, but I think you missed an ”x” out?.
curtain_swoosh7h ago damit it, every damn time.
haha xD Kaii7h ago Xbox > Xbox 360 > Xbox One > Xbox One S > Xbox One X > Xbox Series S > Xbox Series X They”re not wrong, lol.
joejoejoe5h ago You forgot the SAD Xbox.
cell9897h ago Imagine the poor kids face when he realizes he got a Series S lmao!.
Just because the Best Buy guy told his mom that the series S is the new Xbox smh.
*whats the difference.
*practically the same ma’am, this one has more memory that’s why it’s more expensive.
They both play the same games.
curtain_swoosh7h ago the real tragedy in this case are the employees haha.
The_Sage7h ago Terrible product branding.
kwijgaming6h ago I always figured Series X was a placeholder like Project Scorpio.
I still don”t get the appeal of the name “Series” Auron6h ago (Edited 6h ago) That is why microsoft discontinued the One X so it wouldnt be confused with the series X And they discontinued the One S all digital.
So that wouldnt be confused with the all digital series S.
And created smart delivery so you get the best game for any Xbox you play it on.
Gaming news sites these days do they do any research.
SonyStyled6h ago (Edited 5h ago) The names are very confusing from one to another, and I often have to re-read comments to understand which console/performance standard being spoke upon.
Like you said for example, “discontinued the all digital one s”, and mention “all digital series s.” I’ve been gaming for over 25yrs now as I approach 30, and its a lot to wrap my head around requiring some rereading to fully understand the topic of conversation.
To say the average soccer mom walking into the game store to buy the new Xbox for Timmy is bound to be confused with what exactly Timmy wanted.
1 Xbox came in 1 Xbox box.
1 Xbox 360 came in 1 Xbox 360 box.
1 Xbox one came in 1 Xbox one box.
And one Xbox 1 x came in 1 Xbox one x box.
Now mix the word “Series” into it and it can be mind boggling and require double and triple takes.
Honestly it’s a point where Xbox Advanced or Pro would have been more clear.
For most of us, our parents purchased our first consoles, when they called a PlayStation a Nintendo.
But there was a clear naming deferential with Genesis/Saturn, Super/64/GameCube, PS1/2/PSP.
The confusion for the soccer mom may end up picking up PS5 for Timmy, in which the salesman said PS has the best exclusive games even before the launch of series x/s.
If mom was still confused and just asked which had the better games for Timmy, everyone knows what the answer would be.
And if mom asked if Timmy can play with his friends on Xbox one/s/x (whatever) if she buys him a PS5, it’s a likely yes.
If a company has to discontinue their current console to avoid name confusion with their new console, they should probably pick another name for their new console and focus on selling their current consoles before the new one launches DoubleTTB224h ago The fact that they had to discontinue 2 separate consoles prematurely to avoid confusion just proves that the naming convention is bad, and even they knew it.
A new generation of consoles shouldn”t have such a weak name that it requires all of these extra measures in the first place.
The fact that even they saw the confusion coming a did nothing is pretty ridiculous.
Just come up with a better name at that point.
That is kind of the purpose of a name in the first place.
To make something distinct.
It”s inability to do so is the reason it isn”t a good name.
JayRyu6h ago Its pretty easy but people try to make something difficult when it really isn”t.
Do people get confused when they have to buy iPhones.
Most retailers are going to have the newest version of the product available.
Which will be the Series X and Series S.
Cueil4h ago I”m going on the record to say this.
if this confuses you you”re probably working with an IQ under 90 nibblo4h ago What morons would be confused by this, my 8 year old nephew knows all the model names and what they do but apparently full grown adults are scratching their heads in confusion.
patterson3h ago It’s true.
Ever since the 360, the names have been garbage.
DiRtY2h ago “Key industry figures” Hehe Rami Ismail (رامي) Shahid Kamal Ahmad, who spent a decade at PlayStation There are your key figures For this industry DJStotty17m ago Don”t know how people are confused, the one x is discontinued Show all comments (117) Add Out this Week.
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