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Hungarian Pamphlet From 1920 Protesting The Treaty of Trianon January 13, 2020 Map found via reddit user The map above was distributed by the Hungarian Government to foreign locals protesting about the “unfairness” of the in 1920. [Read more…] Filed Under: Migrating Birds In Europe: Map Visualization August 7, 2019 Map found via. The map […]

meet most of the CTPs during Citrix Synergy in Atlanta

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Saturday, September 05, 2020. Citrix CTP Class of 2020. CTP I would like first to make a point of 2020. It was an amazing year for me, meet most of the CTPs during Citrix Synergy in Atlanta. We tried with my fellow co-leaders (@joharder and @jensheerin) to make Tampa CUGC better than ever with 1 […]