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NZ Electronics Repair in milford and silverdale

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LCD / LED TV Repair . LCD / LED Repair. Contact Us Yes we do Repair Tv, All Brand Call us 0800585222. Fastest Turnaround. we Repair Tv Fast . No Matter which brand of your tv we repair all If Power issue , broken screen , input connection issue, software isssue etc. We keep the […]

South Park S7E7 ‘Red Man’s Greed’

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Best gambling scenes in television. Published September 21, 2016Updated September 21 , 2017 Some of the best TV shows out there have managed to turn gambling into a relatable practice, portraying the euphoria of winning through to the frustration of losing. We have found some of our favourite moments across a broad cross-section of TV […]

the new Hi-Fi Android TV-Boxes now on sale

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Android TV. News Android TV News Android TV August 18, . 2020 X96 Mate H616 new low-end Box with Allwinner H616 SoC and Android 10 New Box of the cheapest range, only $29.98, which we located on Aliexpress.com that can… August 17, 2020 FIRMWARE: Android 10 for Tanix TX6S with Allwinner H616 SoC (07-30-2020). You […]

The Rise of Power Up TV : Behind the Curtain

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*Today I really need all my friends to take 5 minutes and read this post.*. Facebook Twitter Reddit Tumblr StumbleUpon Digg Linkedin email I am 31 years old right now, and seven years ago I started down this journey that is presently at a crossroads. SEVEN YEARS. I was 24 when I committed myself to […]

Can you ask to see CCTV footage

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1. What does CCTV stand for. CCTV stands for Closed-Circuit Television This is a closed-circuit system because the signal is not openly transmitted as it is with broadcast television. The video cameras transmit the footage back to a set number of monitors. Television in CCTV is the video camera which acts as the telecommunication medium […]